Cyber Assement

Our comprehensive fact-based and standards-based assessment reports assist in ensuring compliance, improving your security posture, and providing key insights when making strategic business and information technology decisions..

Cyber Security Consulting

Our experts have been working in cyber security before it was called cyber! At the century's start, everyone was scrambling around the y2k bugs. We've seen many changes since then, from thin to fat clients, mainframes to clouds, containers, applications and API's your business risks, governance, exposure and resilience needs are constantly evolving.

Skybox Managed Services 

Skybox delivers enterprise-focused security policy and posture management, providing enhanced visibility to your security,  risk & compliance teams. However, require specialised resources to update and ensure model and data integrity.   Our fixed fee management service ensures the model is always current and your company obtains the best RoI from your investment.


Have you invested in the Microsoft ecosystem? Do you need to ensure it is set up and managed correctly? As a trusted Microsoft partner, we can assist with setting up, training and managing the security tools from Microsoft 365.

Vulnerability Management 

Vulnerability management is considered an essential cyber security control, often called cyber hygiene. If you have poor hygiene, your risk and exposure increase. However, it is never that simple, with the volume and rate of new vulnerabilities which do you address first.

Virtual CISO 

Our CISO service is delivered by experts with a comprehensive range of skills and experience to advise your business through the complex area of information and cyber security strategies.