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Manage User Access Rights

Get Control of Access Creep 

Managing user identities  and access  to multiple systems in the rapidly transforming  enterprise is becoming a more complex and requires a new approach.  We have partnered with gathid to address this. 

Visualise User Access

Gathid provides a single view of access across your organization. By consolidating access data from various sources, it offers a comprehensive view of who has access to what. This clarity enables you to identify and address access creep effectively, ensuring that only authorized individuals have the necessary privileges

Identify User Roles 

Gathid uses a role-mining process that discovers relationships between users based on similar access permissions, which can logically be grouped to form your collection of roles.


This approach ensures that access privileges align with job responsibilities, effectively preventing access creep and maintaining security.

Control Access Creep

Gathid puts a stop to access creep while delivering detailed reporting to determine access continuation. 

This helps to improve audit outcomes and allows users to  quickly run queries and visualize access for specific systems or groups of users instead of  long lead times to get a static report.

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Manage User Access 

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Audit User Access 

Say good bye to manual access audits and  achieve continuous compliance with enhanced visibility, read more...

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