• Cybercarm Management Platform 

    Our management has been developed using open source technologies and elastic to index data from Skybox with internal,  external, directory and asset data.  Enhancing skybox's usability, automation and integrity!

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Enhance Skybox Platform with Open Source

Automated capacity and availability monitoring

Our platform installs agents on your Skybox servers and Collectors, and then monitors the capacity and availability of servers, databases, and the Skybox application. The core of the monitoring capability is delivered by Zabbix, and in-house developed scripts, with integration to the platform ticketing system (Request Tracker). 

Skybox model validation analysis and monitoring

The correctness of the data in the Skybox model, and its true reflection of your real-life environment, is crucial for ensuring that the analysis produced by the Skybox software is accurate. However, keeping the Skybox model in its optimal state manually, is a time-consuming task prone to errors. Our Platform automatically analyses the model, reports issues, and recommends modifications to improve it.

Standard and bespoke dashboards

We use Elastic to index interesting data from Skybox, and other components of our platform. These are then used to create standard dashboards. Based on your requirements, we can also create bespoke dashboards and reports.  

Asset data correlation between systems

Our platform is capable of correlating data received from various supported systems, analyse differences, and produce reports. There is a configurable option to push analysed and clean asset data back to your CMDB and other systems.