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Iris Intelligence Paltform
When time and accuracy are mission-critical, DomainTools is the first place security practitioners go. The Iris platform includes modules that leverage the most comprehensive and dynamic domain intelligence to detect, enrich, and investigate threats against organisation, brands and infrastructures. 

 Get to ground truth and take decisive action based on complete and extensive domain, IP and associated pivots. 

Iris Detect

Near real-time internet infrastructure detection & Monitoring platform & API

90 Seconds to detect any new domains, protecting your brand and customers against phishing, fraud and cyber attacks

Iris Enrich 

Enrich your internal infrastructure logs and phrase your SIEM data to identify early indicators of exposure  &  compromise  (IOC)s. Validate existing controls and enrich threat detection via robust  API including  Whois, DNS, SSL and Risk Scoring 

Iris Investigate

Investigative platform and API with domain intelligence, risk scoring, and industry-leading passive DNS data.